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Are you experiencing tooth pain? Tooth pain can be very excruciating and you should see a dentist soon for it. Pain or sensitivity can indicate tooth decay.

San Jose CA Dentistry performs endodontic procedures regularly. If the soft tissue inside the tooth has deteriorated, you might need a root canal. This is the most common endodontic procedure we do. Through an examination and some X-rays, we can determine the best course of treatment for your tooth and get you feeling better.

Endodontics in San Jose CA

Get a Pain-Free Root Canal in San Jose

Feeling anxious about your upcoming procedure? There is no reason to be nervous about a root canal! We will take every precaution to make sure you are comfortable before we begin. Experience a practically pain-free root canal when you visit us for San Jose endodontics!

During a root canal, we will drill a small hole in your tooth, just as we would for a cavity, and remove the infected nerve. By removing the nerve, you will no longer have the capacity to feel pain or sensitivity in that area. Call our San Jose Dentist if you are experiencing any of these common symptoms that may require a root canal:

Pain when you bite
Sensitivity to hot and cold
Tooth decay
Broken teeth
Tooth trauma
Tenderness near an infected tooth
Appointment Times to Fit Your Schedule

We will find an appointment time that works best for you—just give us a call, we can fit you in! We can also find convenient times for your routine checkups. Most dental insurance companies cover two preventative maintenance visits per calendar year. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Call Today for an Evaluation

We are now accepting new patients for evaluations! All of our patients receive thorough evaluations every visit. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or sensitivity with a certain tooth, please call us to make an appointment now. In most cases, we can accommodate busy schedules and make time for emergency procedures, if necessary. Don’t put off your oral health! Come see San Jose CA Dentistry today!